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Veteran & Family Owned

Cory is a former U.S. Marine who served two terms in Afghanistan in 2003-2004. He and his family are from Luthersville, where his wife, Monica, grew up. They have 2 kids, Wyatt and Emma, and have ran the Pumpkin Patch since 2013 and Smith Hardware since 2022.

Luthersville's One-Stop Shop

At the store, we have a little something for every project! From feed and seed to electrical and plumbing, there's something for everybody! Make sure to keep an eye out because there are new items at every corner each season!!

Wargo's Pumpkin  Patch

In addition to Smith's Hardware, we also run Wargo's Pumpkin Patch every fall! There, we have pumpkins, a corn maze, assorted jams, jellies, syrups, and even more! In the winter, we also have Christmas trees and Santa Claus comes to town!

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